Application software update



Devices with Bluetooth capabilities require tools and applications that make use of these communications. If new functionalities are to be added or problems corrected, these devices must have an update mechanism.

There is always a possibility that either bugs or security flaws will be found in a device’s application software during thea device’s lifespan. These applications can refer to applications on devices like smartphones, but they can also include applications that consume Bluetooth resources on not so powerful embedded systems, such as applications developed on open hardware and software platforms. The only mechanism that can be used to solve those bugs and security flaws is via software updates.

For the above reasons, it is fundamental to include an application software update mechanism that consumes Bluetooth controller resources on a device, otherwise if a problem is found, it will be impossible to fix it without recalling all the devices in use.


The procedure consists on verifying that there is in place any update mechanism to update application software in the device under study.

Each manufacturer may choose to include different proprietary mechanisms.

This control is considered satisfactory when it is verified that the device supports remote software updates.

To check this control, the following resources may be useful:

ID Description
BSAM-RES-04 Bluetooth connections sniffing
BSAM-RES-05 Capture of a Bluetooth connection