Strategic Cyber-Intelligence

Strategic Cyber-Intelligence

A tailor-made solution for every need

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Strategic Cyber Intelligence

One of our main activities is the design of methodologies and technical solution approaches to solve extraordinary cases or information needs that cannot be addressed by traditional services.

To achieve this goal, we deploy the bulk of our capabilities in the development of ad hoc research and products to successfully meet each new challenge.

Strategic Cyber-Intelligence introduction


Some examples of needs entrusted to us by our customers:

Design and implementation honeypots

Analysis of fraud cases and advice on the establishment of countermeasures based on the design, implementation and study of honeypots.

Investigation extortion situations

Investigation of extortion situations.

Identify development anomalies

Analysis of development environments in order to identify anomalies in usage, ownership or code creation, among others.

Neutralisation fraud campaigns

Neutralisation of fraud campaigns.

Creation of information structures advice

Advice on the creation of optimised information structures.

Strategic reporting management

Definition and support in strategic reporting to management.

Strategic Cyber-Intelligence Objectives

We provide our customers with the set of technical and methodological knowledge to address, together with them, any problem that hinders their day to day. A work philosophy that allows us to address very different casuistry, of varied criticality, with the solvency to present an optimal and quality result.

Strategic Cyber-Intelligence benefits

  • Have a tailor-made solution for every need.

  • Have a technical approach that highlights and objectifies different incidents, as well as their scope.

  • Contribute to the clarification of an incident.

  • Identify potential interests or actions that may translate into risk.

  • Technical and legal advice.

Strategic Cyber Intelligence benefits