Information gathering in Bluetooth device components

Bluetooth Information gathering- BSAM Bluetooth component information gathering controls (BSAM-IG) focus on gathering public information about the device and its various components.

The goal of these controls is to obtain valuable security-related information, such as the enumeration of known vulnerabilities. This information can help to accelerate the device’s security analysis and technical testing using public information.

These controls are aligned with NIST 8228 Considerations for Managing Internet of Things (IoT) Cybersecurity and Privacy Risks

Table of contents

  • BSAM-IG-01 - Bluetooth controller lifecycle status
  • BSAM-IG-02 - Known Bluetooth controller vulnerabilities
  • BSAM-IG-03 - Known Bluetooth host stack vulnerabilities
  • BSAM-IG-04 - Known Bluetooth standard version vulnerabilities