BSAM main contributors.

BSAM has been made possible thanks to the work of Tarlogic Security’s cybersecurity innovation unit. This team’s goal is to research and promote hardware security, IoT technologies, wireless communication protocols (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, etc.), and emerging technologies.

For example, they are responsible for developing the Acrylic Wi-Fi product range, conducting research on security issues in smart meters with PRIME technology, and discovering Bluetooth vulnerabilities such as Bluetrust.

  • Antonio Vazquez
  • Francisco Manuel Alvarez Wic
  • Jesus Gomez Moreno
  • Miguel Tarascó
  • Andrés Tarascó


Following are other people who have collaborated with BSAM to help it continue to grow as a reference methodology.

You can collaborate with BSAM by proposing new controls, improving existing documentation, incorporating new features of the standard, or developing tools.