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Cybersecurity experts

The digital universe is full of threats. As cybersecurity experts we are here to protect your company from all kinds of cyber attacks. We analyze vulnerable points and protect you against any current or future threats.

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Website Security Audit

Verifying the security of web applications through a comprehensive audit can help protect the company from the risks and costs associated with security breaches.

Mobile app security testing

We assess your mobile apps' security and provide remediation guidance, ensuring your data stays safe and protected.

Penetration testing services

Around a hundred specialists work at Tarlogic conducting penetration tests to locate and remediate security weaknesses in your IT infrastructure.

Cybersecurity services

We audit your systems and protect them

Tarlogic is one of the leading European providers of cybersecurity services. A technical team of top-level specialists and state-of-the-art solutions to provide auditing, pentesting, vulnerability management, and incident response services.

Cybersecurity services
Cybersecurity services
red team Cyber security

Red Team

Realistic cyber attacks to evaluate your defenses

Our experts simulate techniques used by real-world threat actors, attacking continuously and infiltrating stealthily into your company's critical systems to identify weaknesses in defensive layers and strengthen your security.

Red Team services

Cyber intelligence

Discovering threats while supporting your business

Custom threat intelligence methodology, aligned with Tiber-EU, NIS2, and DORA standards to provide high-quality information to your business strategy. Fraud prevention with pioneering solutions against phishing and digital piracy.

Cyber intelligence services
Cyber intelligence
cyber threat hunting

Threat Hunting - MDR Services

A tailored solution for each company

Threat Hunting, also known as Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service, is a proactive security service. Our team of experts continuously and in real-time tracks threats to your systems, identifying suspicious activities even when no alerts are triggered. We detect and contain threats before it's too late.

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BlackArrow - Offensive security

Adversary Simulation

Continuously creating adversary emulations (Red teaming vs Threat Hunting) to fine-tune your defenses and protect your business information.

BlackArrow - Offensive security

Our Cybersecurity Blogs

Discover the latest articles on cybersecurity and cyberintelligence on Tarlogic's blog.

Cybersecurity blog

CVE-2024-3094: Backdoor in XZ Utils library
CVE-2024-3094: Backdoor in XZ Utils library

CVE-2024-3094 present in the XZ Utils library may allow an attacker to use malicious code to compromise the integrity of affected systems On March 29, a developer identified CVE-20[...]

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BlackArrow blog

MSSQL linked servers: abusing ADSI for password retrieval
MSSQL linked servers: abusing ADSI for password retrieval

Introduction When we talk about Microsoft SQL Server linked servers, we usually think of links to another SQL Server instances. However, this is only one of the multiple available [...]

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Cyberintelligence blog

SIM swapping, when your phone, and your money, are out in the open
SIM swapping, when your phone, and your money, are out in the open

SIM swapping fraud, the lawless duplication of a cell phone card to impersonate a person’s identity, is growing. As a result, operators and banks are already reinforcing thei[...]

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Ciber for All cybersecurity blog

Tips for measuring the level of IT security in your company
Tips for measuring the level of IT security in your company

Measuring a company’s IT security level is critical to detect and address weaknesses before criminals exploit them In early April, it became public knowledge that the US hote[...]

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