Blackarrow - Offensive Security

Offensive and defensive cybersecurity services

Threat Hunting, Red Team and Incident response. BlackArrow is Tarlogic's offensive and defensive services department. A wall of defense to protect the cybersecurity systems of the companies.

Threat Hunting Services - MDR

A cyber threat radar that accompanies and supports you 24/7

200 days. That's the average time it takes a company to detect a security breach. The response to correct a vulnerability and defend against the many threats circulating on the Web is today too slow. BlackArrow's Threat Hunting services remedy this reality through their innovative approach: they have moved from the traditional SOC model to a 24x7 Proactive Threat Hunting model. In other words, our professionals have enhanced detection capabilities using EDR/XDR tools and cutting-edge methodologies.

Threat Hunting service
Servicios de threat hunting
Servicios de red team

Red Team Services

Attack simulation to accelerate organizations' defensive capabilities

What if your enemies were actually your friends? BlackArrow's Red Team services have only one mission: to attack the systems of companies and organizations. Their goal is not to destroy them but to protect them. To expose any weaknesses they may have by simulating real cyber-attacks. The Red Team scenarios run by our teams simulate all kinds of hostile actors: remote attackers, malicious employees, potential ransomware assaults... In short, they effectively contribute to improving cyber resilience.

Red Team service

Incident response services - MDR

Strengthen your incident response capabilities

A cyber attack occurs every 11 seconds. And the number is only growing.

We prepare you for the inevitable, and we respond when you need us most. At any time, your company can be the victim of a cyber attack that can paralyze its activities. Tarlogic's Incident Response services limit the scope of damage from an attack to recover operations as soon as possible. A top-level team providing 24/7 service.

Incident Response service
Incident response services - MDR

BlackArrow is the Tarlogic cybersecurity unit specialized in offensive driven tactics learned through years of experience provided by the Red Team.

Frequently asked questions about BlackArrow and Offensive Security.

What are Offensive Security Services?

Offensive Security is the concept of building security capabilities through attacking the assets to be protected. This approach makes it possible to identify weaknesses in the same way that a real malicious would do, with the difference that once a weakness is confirmed, the service would suggest the necessary recommendations to facilitate its resolution and ultimately improve resilient against real attacks.

Red Teaming is an example of Offensive Security Services, whose ultimate goal is to help organizations to protect their assets from real attackers.

Who needs BlackArrow services

Any business can be affected by a cyberattack, so making sure that business is well prepared to detect and respond to a cyberattack is one of the top challenges CISOs have today.

BlackArrow can help companies improve detection and response capabilities through Red Team services, or even provide those capabilities entirely through Threat Hunting services.

How much do BlackArrow’s services cost?

The cost of Red Team service depends on the number of scenarios to be replicated, where a scenario would be defined by the starting point of a malicious actor and its final objective. The expected time to execute a regular Red Team scenario could be around 3 months, although the number of companies that prefer to execute continuous Red Team scenarios throughout the year is increasing every day.

Threat Hunting services are annual and cost varies according to the number of endpoints belonging the company.