Blackarrow - Offensive Security

Offensive and defensive cybersecurity services

Threat Hunting, Red Team, Blue Team, Compromise Assessment... BlackArrow is Tarlogic's offensive and defensive services department. A wall of defense to protect the cybersecurity systems of the companies

Threat Hunting Services

A cyber threat radar that accompanies and supports you 24/7

200 days. That's the average time it takes a company to detect a security breach. The response to correct a vulnerability and defend against the many threats circulating on the Web is today too slow. BlackArrow's Threat Hunting services remedy this reality through their innovative approach: they have moved from the traditional SOC model to a 24x7 Proactive Threat Hunting model. In other words, our professionals have enhanced detection capabilities using EDR/XDR tools and cutting-edge methodologies.

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Red Team Services

Attack simulation to accelerate organizations' defensive capabilities

What if your enemies were actually your friends? BlackArrow's Red Team services have only one mission: to attack the systems of companies and organizations. Their goal is not to destroy them but to protect them. To expose any weaknesses they may have by simulating real cyber-attacks. The Red Team scenarios run by our teams simulate all kinds of hostile actors: remote attackers, malicious employees, potential ransomware assaults... In short, they effectively contribute to improving cyber resilience.

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Blue Team services

A high-level army to arm against threats

BlackArrow's Blue Team services are the army of companies and institutions. The soldiers who face the real threats. Our Blue Team services are much more than that. They assess the various threats, monitor them and develop effective mitigation plans. Among the tasks deployed by this service are some of the high added value for any company: incident response, forensic analysis, early detection of threats, system bastioning... The Blue Team is one of the main lines of defense of any organization.

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Compromise Assessment

Detecting intruders, driving them out of corporate systems

A cyber-attack occurs every 11 seconds. And the number is growing. Analyzing intruders who may have compromised a company is the service's priority. There is too much at stake. BlackArrow's Compromise Assessment services are able to detect the presence of a malicious actor within the organization, then analyze their behavior, assess the level of compromise achieved and help design the removal strategy. Our teams operate 24/7, ensuring that there is no further compromise of corporate systems by previously expelled malicious actors.

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BlackArrow is the Tarlogic cybersecurity unit specialized in offensive driven tactics learned through years of experience provided by the Red Team.