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Tarlogic collaborates with Goodjob Foundation in training and employability of people with disabilities

Tarlogic's partnership with the Goodjob Foundation is intended to continue

The collaboration between the Goodjob Foundation and the cybersecurity company is the result of the company’s commitment to society and its constant search for talent

A free, equal, and fair society must be built on equal opportunities among people. Tarlogic Security and Goodjob Foundation believe in the importance of training and employability of people with disabilities as a tool for social inclusion. But also as a way for personal self-realization and the incorporation of talented and passionate people into the productive fabric of our country.

Both concepts, passion and talent, are closely linked in such a way that an indissoluble union is formed between the two. It’s difficult to find someone extraordinarily talented without being passionate about what they do, and vice versa. Passion without talent ends up being diluted.

Tarlogic seeks to capture the talent and build the passion of its employees. In addition, the company has a strong social commitment. This is why a project such as the Goodjob Foundation fits in so well with its values and objectives.

Goodjob: training and inclusion

The mission of the Goodjob Foundation is to increase the personal and professional skills of people with disabilities or at risk of social exclusion, as well as their integration into the labor market.

To this end, they have employability programs focused on new technologies. From cloud computing to big data, to basic programming or SAP/ABAP. Learning areas are closely linked to the field of cybersecurity. In addition, the foundation organizes courses and conferences and acts as a job broker.

The collaboration between Goodjob and Tarlogic Security has precisely these two pillars: training and employability. The agreement signed between both entities includes the incorporation of a worker from the foundation to the cybersecurity company. For 9 months he will train and work in the company as an external employee, but enlarging from the first minute the Tarlogic family.

Throughout this period, the employee will be monitored on a monthly basis by both the foundation and the company, in order to evaluate the degree of satisfaction and the learning process. At the end of the 9 months, if the evaluation is positive, he/she will become part of the staff.

This first experience is currently underway. And the feedback from Tarlogic could not be more positive. The company’s commitment to quality cybersecurity work is total.

The Human Resources department emphasizes the employee’s passion: “He has a real devotion to the company. We have never come across candidates with these characteristics”. His training is being strengthened and he is already an added value for the team he has joined.

Tarlogic Security plans to continue collaborating with the Goodjob Foundation. Capturing talent is paramount in business terms. And contributing to the destruction of stigmas that society has about people with disabilities is socially fundamental.

In addition to the employee currently in training, the cybersecurity company already has a person with a disability on its staff. The satisfactory outcome of this previous experience helped the company to bet on collaborating with Goodjob.

The Spanish General Law on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities stipulates that public and private companies with more than 50 employees must have 2% of their staff made up of workers with disabilities.

Hence, some companies employ people with disabilities just to meet the quota. This is not the case with Tarlogic.

The commitment to social and labor inclusion is part of the DNA of a different company, at the forefront in terms of its services, but also in terms of the protection of its workers and their contribution to society. The agreement with the Goodjob Foundation responds to the company’s comprehensive strategy.

Committed to the workers and to society

In addition to this collaboration to ensure that all people have the same opportunities in training and employment, Tarlogic Security has been developing various labor and social actions.

First of all, this year, when most companies opted for the reestablishment of mandatory face-to-face work, the cybersecurity company approved teleworking on a permanent basis and for its entire workforce.

In this way, it is committed to providing flexibility to its employees, while enhancing its ability to attract talent located in other parts of the world.

Tarlogic has become a global company and is currently working on an internationalization plan, but it has not lost sight of its origins. Just a few weeks ago, the company donated twenty laptops to the Municipal School of ICT in Teo, the municipality where the company came into the world in 2011.

This equipment is already being used in the training of tomorrow’s engineers, physicists, and mathematicians.

A valuable project that, on the one hand, gives a second life to computer equipment and, on the other hand, allows the children of Teo to have better computers with which to learn about programming, robotics, artificial intelligence, and video games design.

The close relationship between Tarlogic Security and the city council located near Santiago de Compostela doesn’t end here. The company has an agreement with the Food Bank of Teo to contribute to the maintenance of families at risk of social exclusion and especially vulnerable.

This Christmas, in fact, the company gave its employees the option of donating their baskets to the Food Bank. The reception was fantastic and there have been contributions from a group of employees.

At the same time, in December, Tarlogic made an extraordinary contribution to the Food Bank and added a financial item to buy Christmas gifts for the neediest families.

A growing global company

In the last decade, Tarlogic Security has become a benchmark company in the field of cybersecurity. As a result, specialized economic media, such as Expansión, describe it as the guardian of the Ibex 35. Its firm commitment to innovation and to having the best professionals have contributed to its consolidation on the international scene.

The company has a wide range of advanced solutions, not only in the field of cybersecurity but also in cyber intelligence and BlackArrow. Thus, it offers services such as pentesting, hardening, reverse engineering, web audits, threat hunting, or red team.

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