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Tarlogic implements teleworking on a permanent basis for its entire workforce

The implementation of teleworking will not lead to the closure of the Teo and Madrid offices
The implementation of teleworking will not lead to the closure of the Teo and Madrid offices

The cybersecurity services company seeks to retain talent and attract highly qualified personnel in other European countries and United States

Tarlogic Security has decided to implement teleworking permanently for its entire workforce. What was precipitated fifteen months ago because of the pandemic is going to become definitive due to the unique way of doing things and dealing with human resources management demonstrated by the cybersecurity services company.

The decision of the Galician company, a high-level supplier to many of the Ibex 35 companies as well as large multinationals, goes against the grain. In recent weeks, many companies have decided to force their staff to return to their offices.

Tarlogic has decided to do it the other way around: teleworking will be the new normal from now on. This decision is in harmony with the decision taken a few months ago to enable the company’s team to work from Monday to Thursday.

This offshoring action is conforming to the company’s strategy of offering greater flexibility to its employees. A way to retain talent in a sector where the ability to count on high-level professionals makes the difference.

It also opens the door to the consolidation of Tarlogic in other regions of Europe and the United States. In this sense, this project aims to attract talent in these new markets and to facilitate the provision of services globally.

The fact is that the telework formula is not something new to the company founded by the Tarasco brothers in 2011. In the past, employees could already take advantage of this modality, although it was not the majority option.

Teleworking, the evolution

From now on, it will become the preferred formula for all the company’s teams. With an added twist. Tarlogic has evolved the concept of teleworking.

The Galician company will not encapsulate the employee to a home or housing context, but it will be able to develop its task from any geographical location. In order to take this step, state-of-the-art solutions have been developed and implemented to facilitate remote work with the highest standards of information security.

This change of singular importance will not imply the closure of the company’s offices in Teo and Madrid. In contrast, the management and Human Resources managers understand that contact continues to be a differential element for the company’s activity.

Thus, all the offices will continue to operate. But the spaces and their utility will be redesigned, creating innovation hubs (one of the hallmarks of Tarlogic since its inception) and staff service points.

The decision to consolidate teleworking as a pillar of the structure also responds to the desire to compete and position itself at the forefront of a market and a sector as complex as cybersecurity. These dynamics are particularly significant in Spain.

Tarlogic’s management understands that the ability to attract and retain talent, coupled with the company’s specialization, must go hand in hand with measures to retain professionals, with good salary conditions and a lot of flexibility.

One example of this is the innovative pilot plan to promote a four-day working day. A program that already allows the Tarlogic team to work from Monday to Thursday (32 hours), without an associated reduction in salary.

Or the 35-hour intensive workday from June to September. In the same spirit, the company has been significant in recent years for the inclusion among the social benefits of additional vacation or training days.

High level specialization

About to turn 10 years old, Tarlogic Security is an advanced cybersecurity services company. Its staff is made up of just over 85 people, 90% of them engineers and professionals with a high level of specialization in fields such as cybersecurity, cyberintelligence or the audit of offensive and defensive services.

The company’s clients include Ibex 35 companies, as well as leading firms in their respective sectors. Just a few weeks ago it appeared again, for the third consecutive year, in the ranking 1000 Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies prepared by the Financial Times.

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