Acrylic WiFi Heatmaps
WiFi planning and WiFi site survey software
WiFi planning and WiFi site survey software

Heatmaps is a WiFi heat mapping software for performing Wi-Fi planning, coverage analysis and site surveys. One of the main features of Acrylic Wi-Fi Heatmaps is that it allows to generate planning, coverage maps and 14 different heatmaps with signal (rssi) and noise (noise/RSN) values for the all active access points and communications devices to help improve the deployed Wi-Fi network.

Wi-Fi maps generated by the software can be exported for external use or can be viewed on Google Earth or Google Maps as KMZ and KML files and in advanced Wi-Fi coverage and site survey reports in .docx format. Heatmaps allows you to generate many different types of maps, covering Wi-Fi coverage, Wi-Fi signal strength and quality and Wi-Fi channel overlapping, even within several miles around.

By using many different mathematical algorithms, such as data interpolation algorithms, it is possible to represent this information in different formats and as many different types of maps, including information on Wi-Fi signal strength, noise, Wi-Fi channel overlapping (co-channel), device density and much more…


The download is free and you will get a fully functional trial version for 15 days.

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