Acrylic WiFi LEA

Investigation-oriented WiFi intelligence - SIGINT - GEOINT - OSINT
Signal intelligence and WiFi investigation

The WiFi solution for Law Enforcement. Acrylic Wi-Fi LEA is intended to address the need for specialized solutions for collecting, monitoring and analyzing data and activity information from Wi-Fi devices.

Acrylic Wi-Fi LEA is a custom designed hardware and software solution for law enforcement, armed forces, police, investigative agencies, companies and professionals who need to conduct non-intrusive investigations of all targets with Wi-Fi capabilities.

By using advanced SIGINT, OSINT and GEOINT techniques, it can correlate and combine information to generate intelligence and assist in decision-making.

For this purpose, in close collaboration between the best professionals in the field of security, wireless communications and law enforcement personnel, and using all the knowledge obtained by Tarlogic in the field of analysis and monitoring of wireless communications, Acrylic Wi-Fi LEA was created in order to provide new sources of information for investigation.

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