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Tarlogic has increased its sales by 30% and accelerated its internationalization

Koldo Muñoz is Tarlogic's Chief Operating and Financial Officer

The company’s Operations and Financial Director, Koldo Muñoz, explains that the company’s growth revolves around three pillars: internationalization, high value-added services and talent retention

Tarlogic Security has just closed the 2023 fiscal year with a 30% increase in sales, reaching 12 million euros. The upturn consolidates the trend of recent years (in 2022, it recorded a 20% rise in turnover) and accelerates the ambitious internationalization plan activated by the company with headquarters in Madrid and Santiago de Compostela.

The growth the company has experienced in recent years is the direct consequence of a roadmap based on three pillars: internationalization, high-value-added services, and talent retention.

Tarlogic’s Operations and Finance Director, Koldo Muñoz, explains it graphically: «We need our professionals to be well remunerated, and at the same time, we need to be able to compete in a global market with companies that are in other realities in terms of salaries. Day by day, we try to find a balance by incorporating permanent teleworking from any location».

Concerning the results of the year just ended, the balance sheet for 2023 provides valuable data: international customers already account for 20% of global sales, a figure that is growing steadily year after year. Tarlogic’s management has set itself the objective of reaching 50% international exposure in the short term to double turnover to 25 million euros.

A portfolio of reference customers

Among the main sectors on which Tarlogic‘s growth is based are Banking and Insurance, Retail, Telecommunications, Energy, and Healthcare.

The challenge that the company has on the table is ambitious. And not only because of its magnitude but also because of the context in which it is taking place. With the company investing heavily in innovation and creating new products and services, increasing salary costs puts pressure on operating profitability.

«We have a vision and responsibility for economic sustainability, but we also have a firm commitment to assume higher investments and operating costs, with a view to the medium and long term. We want to be a company recognized nationally and internationally for the quality of our services and products, and this means having the best professionals», he argues.

With offices in Santiago de Compostela and Madrid, Tarlogic Security offers high-value-added services and products in fields such as Cybersecurity, Cyber Intelligence, Threat Hunting, and Incident Response. The company’s clients include listed companies and well-known multinationals.