cybersecurity Glossary

What is IOT?

Internet of Things is a fairly modern term, although in 1990 the first device connected to the network appeared. It was not until 2009, through Professor Kevin Ashton of MIT, when the general public echoed the term with the article – That “internet of things” Thing.

Currently, the use of the IoT acronym is regulated by the European Committee for Data Protection and is defined as: “IoT is any infrastructure in which multiple sensors incorporated into common and everyday devices (objects) record, process and transfer data and interact with other devices or systems using their networking capabilities. In many cases, these objects are associated with unique identifiers and process personal data”.

Several cybersecurity technical articles have been published on Tarlogic’s website, which are related to IoT.

IoT Security Testing: The IoT security assessment services enable identifying potential security issues of the device, understanding security flaws in the data exchange process, and analyzing the security implications of the technology used.

Reverse Engineering and Hardware Hacking services: Security evaluation of hardware devices through physical ports and reverse engineering tests of software and firmware to assess the protection of a binary.