cybersecurity Glossary

What is FSTM?

FSTM or OWASP Firmware Security Testing Methodology is the open security methodology developed by OWASP to address firmware security testing.

FSTM serves as a guide to define the activities required by a security analyst to perform an IOT security audit.

OWASP FSTM also publishes the Top 10 security problems that affect IoT devices, highlighting the use of insecure passwords.

Here are some technical articles on cybersecurity related to OWASP FSTM that have been published on Tarlogic’s website.

IoT Security Testing: The IoT security assessment services allow to identify potential security issues of the device, understand security flaws in the data exchange process, and analyze the security implications of the technology used.

Reverse Engineering and Hardware Hacking services: Security evaluation of hardware devices through physical ports and reverse engineering tests of software and firmware to assess the protection of a binary