Training & Awareness

Awareness, knowledge and training in intelligence skills

Intelligence is a discipline with its own methodology and procedures. This is why a growing number of companies are creating business support units based on intelligence solutions. Others that already have these teams are reinforcing them with new capabilities based on experience and acquiring new skills.

In the more purely business field, this training is not a mere theoretical formulation, but is aimed at implementation in the corporate world with regard to real business situations.

For this reason, the training and updating of tactics, techniques and procedures in the field of cyber-intelligence is essential for better performance of the functions assigned to the economic intelligence units of the organizations.

Tarlogic Security has provided training to Security Forces and Corps, as well as within the intelligence community, with the aim of improving the procedures for obtaining and analyzing information, especially with regard to disciplines such as OSINT/WEBINT and Virtual HUMINT.


Intelligence training Professionals from the Spanish intelligence community

Training in information gathering Focus on procurement disciplines such as Virtual HUMINT, OSINT/WEBINT

Learning in the application of protocols Teaching lessons learned and designing protocols in intelligence units

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