Technical training and digital awareness

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Training in the organisational environment is, at best, a requirement that is being addressed more for compliance purposes than for risk prevention purposes. At Tarlogic, we are aware of this situation and we offer our skills and knowledge in order to provide different types of training and awareness that bring real value to our customers.

To achieve this goal, we avoid automated solutions and predefined content, providing didactic material and a work format that is in line with the specific context at hand.

Intelligence training introduction


Examples of training courses given to both public and private organisations:

digital awareness training

Digital awareness for specific groups or profiles.

Social engineering campaigns  training

Advanced social engineering campaigns.

secure programming training

Secure programming.

Support in reporting and awareness for senior management

Support in reporting and awareness-raising for senior management.

Compliance internal information security policies

Reinforcement of understanding and compliance with internal information security policies.

Training criminal modalities response mitigation

Training in new criminal modalities for response and mitigation teams.

Technical workshops

Technical workshops.

Content Gamification

Content Gamification.

Technical skills training

Technical skills training.

Training purpose

To provide our customers with the possibility of having a fully customised training adapted to the different situations, modalities and objectives sought.

Training benefits

  • Promote understanding of and compliance with internal information security policies.

  • Contribute to the detection of the most frequent attack attempts and security incidents to which they may give rise.

  • Identify potential behaviours (by action or omission) that may result in risk.

  • Expand the technical capabilities of the work teams.

  • Encourage executive communication to senior management.

Training benefits