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Tarlogic obtains ISO 27001 certification

Applus+ gives the Galician company the accreditation that ensures the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information they work with, as well as the system and applications that process it

Applus+ gives to Tarlogic Security the ISO 27001 certification

Tarlogic Security has just obtained the ISO 27001 certification, consolidating the highest standards of cybersecurity in its daily operations. The company’s CEO, Andrés Tarascó, and the CIO, Manuel Santamaría, received the certification at the company’s headquarters in Santiago de Compostela.

Accompanied by Isabel Yebra, external consultant for the project, both received the certification from Ana San Román Álvarez. She is the commercial manager of systems certification for the Northwest Zone Applus+ Certification.

Obtaining this certification is the result of a complex and thorough analysis process. During this process, Applus+ was able to verify that the information security management system (ISMS) implemented by Tarlogic is in accordance with the reference standard. And, therefore, to the best international security practices.

Tarlogic thus takes another step forward in its commitment to promote best security practices in its work dynamics. The cybersecurity services company now has ISO 9001 certification, obtained in 2014 for Quality Management Systems. Also the ISO 14001 for Environmental Management Systems got in 2019 and now the ISO 27001 certification for Information Security.

In the opinion of Manuel Santamaria, CIO of Tarlogic, obtaining this certification unequivocally endorses the company’s commitment to the most advanced standards within the sector. «The ISO 27001 certification of the cybersecurity consulting services provided by Tarlogic and BlackArrow is in addition to the quality and environmental certifications. All of this serves to endorse our commitment to the security of our own information and that of our customers», he explains.

In this context, Tarlogic’s management understands that having ISO 27001 certification will strengthen the company’s position in the market. Expanding business opportunities as Tarlogic is aligned with the segment of industries and companies that demand a state-of-the-art use and protection of information.

ISO 27001 certification and availability of the data

ISO 27001 certification is an international standard for Information Security that guarantees the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the data handled by any organization, as well as the systems and applications that process them.

In short, Tarlogic demonstrates by achieving this recognition that it behaves in its internal operations with the same rigor and professionalism as in the companies in which it deploys its cybersecurity services.

Basically, this certification describes how an Information Security Management System is planned, implemented, verified and controlled.

Above all, it’s a global approach for the company that ensures the confidentiality of data: only authorized persons will be able to access it. Also its availability (authorized personnel will handle this information when required) based on an exhaustive risk analysis that focuses on all the professionals involved, in addition to the ICT processes and systems involved in this activity.

In this regarg, the possibility of having these certifications in the information age will be a differential element to distinguish operators within the sector.

The volume of data handled by companies has increased exponentially in recent years, and will increase even more in the next decade, so demonstrating responsible use of data will become an imperative for the cybersecurity sector.

The rise of phenomena such as teleworking will also increase the challenges faced by companies in this area.

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