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Tarlogic, diamond sponsor of RootedCON

Tarlogic will again support RootedCON, this time as a platinum sponsor
View of one of the talks given by the Tarlogic team at the 2019 edition of RootedCON.

Tarlogic Security is once again supporting RootedCON, one of the largest Spanish-language cybersecurity conferences in the world. Two teams from the company will also present high-level research: one on Ethereum blockchain fraud and the other on smart meters

The exchange of information and experiences is a differential factor to create knowledge. In a discipline as mobile and dynamic as cybersecurity, this work has a differential value. That is why Tarlogic Security has once again supported the celebration of RootedCON, one of the largest cybersecurity congresses in the Spanish language worldwide.

It will do so as a diamond sponsor and provide part of the valuable knowledge that year after year is poured into the RootedCON. In this edition, two of the company’s teams will present high-level research: one on fraud in the Ethereum blockchain and the other on smart meters.

The congress held in Madrid has established itself, after 12 successful editions, as a true benchmark in the field of cybersecurity. Not only in Spain, but also in Latin America and Europe. An event that connects professionals, companies, and administrations around a central discipline in our days.

Its 2022 edition will take place on March 10, 11, and 12 at the Kinépolis cinemas of the Ciudad de la Imagen in Madrid. A perfect setting for a spectacular event.

A reference forum for different audiences

The congress will be attended, once again this year, by professionals and technology companies in general and cybersecurity in particular, but also by students, academics, and members of the State Security Forces and Corps. The event will also be open to individuals who are passionate about this increasingly important and influential world in our society.

Given all this, Tarlogic Security has decided to renew its commitment to this event, becoming a diamond sponsor.

In addition to contributing financially to the organization of the different activities, the cybersecurity company will provide participants with an open bar of Estrella Galicia to facilitate networking. A celebrated activity that has already become a classic of RootedCON.

The main attraction of the congress is the training and conferences given by cybersecurity experts from different parts of the world.

The training covers a wide range of topics. From ethical hacking in mobile applications to Red Team operations and pentesting in active directory environments.

Tarlogic will also play a role in the conferences. The two papers to be presented in Madrid will once again highlight the company’s recurrent research in cybersecurity.

Frauds in Ethereum

In the first one, Miguel Tarascó and Jaime Fábregas will present the research that has been carried out over the last year on frauds and abuses in the Ethereum blockchain.

Through big data analysis with ML techniques and smart-contracts reversing, the Tarlogic team has discovered and investigated how the capital deposited in the form of cryptocurrencies or tokens is being abused to steal and/or defraud.

The conference will also address how cryptocurrencies and blockchain work, focusing mainly on the Ethereum network and the ERC20 and DEX (Decentralized Exchange) token ecosystem used in Uniswap v2.

The conference will also study the different types of fraud. Price manipulation techniques are inherited from the classical exchange world. As well as others discovered and identified during this research that, abusing this technology, are being actively used to hijack capital from users who make cryptocurrency purchases and sales on this blockchain.

Smart meter research will be the focus of one of the talks at RootedCON

PLCTool and smart electricity meters

For his part, Jesús Mª Gómez Moreno will present in his lecture the results of the research carried out by Tarlogic on security in PRIME networks and smart meters and the development of the PLCTool.

This research continues the work conducted in 2019 and 2020, presented at RootedCON 2020 on smart meters and PRIME protocol.

Tarlogic has continued to analyze this technology and has developed, throughout 2021, new simulated attacks that have accredited the vulnerabilities of this standard of the electricity sector.

From this work was born the PLCTool for traffic capture and analysis. This tool is also used for testing possible attacks. In addition, functions have been created for the simple reproduction of these attacks and the implementation of new ones.

The talk will introduce how the power grid works and the role of smart meters within it. It will then explain the weaknesses observed in the security of the PRIME protocol and its implementation.

The security evolution since the last presentation at RootedCON 2020 and its current status will also be discussed. The talk will be followed by a demonstration of the attacks implemented and the operation of PLCTool.

The h-c0n: Hackplayers’ Conference

In addition to the presence at RootedCON, Tarlogic will also be a PRO sponsor of the h-c0n. This conference will take place on February 4th and 5th at La Nave Madrid and will focus on hacking and cybersecurity.

The conference is organized, once again, by Hackplayers, a Spanish-speaking community of knowledge exchange in these disciplines.

The event will be structured around a series of presentations and workshops. Both will provide a broad overview of the main lines of research and action in the field of cybersecurity. From the fight against telephone fraud to Kerberos, through Log4Shell.

Thus, h-c0n continues to expand in Latin America and to facilitate the implementation of communication and collaboration between professionals in the sector.

In short, Tarlogic will continue to have a prominent presence in major cybersecurity events held in Spain. To achieve this, they are betting on the exchange and transfer of knowledge.

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