Evaluación del compromiso

Red Team

Our Red Team simulates an external sponsored attack that threats a target organization to improve its security

Tarlogic Red Team has the purpose to simulate an unauthorized access to corporate systems through a sponsored external attack, a classic penetration, long-term persistence, corporate system privilege escalation, and even alteration and theft of business strategical information.

In order to fully understand the benefits of a Red Team, it should be differentiated from conventional penetration tests.

A penetration test (“pentest”) takes a snapshot of the security status for a limited number of assets at a given time and under specific conditions… Even though a penetration test is a great tool for revealing ad-ac network vulnerabilities, it does not provide contextualized information on the infrastructure global security. Time and scope limitations distort the results in relation to the actual security level status.

The Red Team periodically reports on findings and taken and future actions to a select group of people as directed by the client, so it can always stay updated on the campaign progress, as well as first-hand information on the defending team (Blue Team) performance.

Security Lab

Benefits of a Red Team

A Red Team helps detect and contain a penetration event at an early stage, preventing strategic information theft and corporate system down-time. This goal is gradually achieved thanks to a:

  • Detection of the company’s transversal weaknesses.
  • Improvement of response procedures, strengthening response procedures.
  • Improvement of monitoring systems, identifying and solving vulnerabilities in the detection process and event analysis.
  • Training of security personnel, to respond to real incidents.

All these benefits resulting from a Red Team translate into a faster evolution of the defensive team capabilities, allowing to counteract potential threats in a more efficient way.