IT Infrastructure & Application Vulnerability Management

IT Infrastructure & Application Vulnerability Management

Tarlogic's vulnerability management service aims to minimize risks in the technological infrastructure through vulnerability lifecycle management


It is well known that new vulnerabilities affecting the technological infrastructure of companies are published daily. That is why Tarlogic's vulnerability management service consists of a continuous monitoring of the security status of the technological infrastructure, combined with prioritization tasks that facilitate the mitigation work of the corresponding action plans.


The primary purpose of Tarlogic's vulnerability management service is to minimize the exposure time to new threats and to be aware, at all times, of the global security status.

The main benefits of the service are listed below:

  • Risk management through knowledge of infrastructure health status.
  • Continuous cybersecurity monitoring
  • Design of a structured detection and remediation plan
  • Reduction of detection times for new vulnerabilities
  • Developing a strategy for mitigation efforts
  • Ensuring proper resolution of vulnerabilities found
  • Compliance with the various cybersecurity regulations

General description

For the development of the vulnerability management service, Tarlogic's cybersecurity team relies on the vulnerability lifecycle:

  • Discovery - Inventorying of assets, asset managers and vulnerability detection.
  • Analysis - Analysis of the results obtained in the previous step using the internally developed methodology for dynamic cybersecurity risk
  • Reporting - Delivery of the results obtained, facilitating their interpretation.
  • Remediation - Implementation of the proposed mitigation measures.
  • Verification - Verification of the correct mitigation of the vulnerabilities found.