Insider Threat Assesment

Secure the business against possible internal threats to the organization itself.

In an increasingly competitive economic environment, there are actors who attack the most critical assets of companies, including information, image or reputation of companies and / or their most important people.

On many occasions, it is employees and trusted personnel who carry out these actions, which run counter to good business practices. Therefore, the development of a program focused on deterrence and detection of insider threats is becoming one of the main lines of defense of companies.

The focus should not only be technological, but should also be aligned with other methods that allow us to be proactive in detecting this type of incident. It is the proactive detection of these types of vulnerabilities that allows companies to protect themselves from these high-impact business scenarios.

From Tarlogic, plans have been designed to fight against internal fraud/Insider Threats for sectors such as banking, telecommunications and technology, engineering, etc. Always from the level of proactive detection and creating a working methodology that ensures business continuity.


Insider threat detection Experience in the development of internal threat scenarios

Analysis of risk indicators Combining physical and digital risk indicators

Threat resolution planning Design and implementation of proactive programs

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