Hardware Hacking and Reverse Engineering Services
We guarantee the safety of your products and prevention of IT attacks against your infrastructures' devices
We guarantee the safety of your products and prevention of IT attacks against your infrastructures' devices

At Tarlogic, we analyze hardware and embedded devices using hardware and firmware reverse engineering techniques to protect your product and prevent cyber attacks against your infrastructure.

One example of a widespread hardware technology, and one of our busiest service areas, is DSL, cable and FTTH routers.

There are several different methods for performing a hardware security analysis (hardware hacking). Reverse engineering audits include the following lab tests:

  • Memory Analysis: Memory chip removal from motherboard and firmware reading.
  • Physical Interfaces: Identification and interaction with serial interfaces and hardware JTAG.
  • Firmware Analysis: Firmware unpacking and file system extraction.
  • Reverse Engineering : Static analysis of firmware binaries.
  • Device Emulation: Firmware loading on a virtual environment for stress and security testing.
  • Protocol Analysis: Communication protocol analysis and compatible client development.
  • Hardware Interception: Deployment of hardware communication interception solutions in routers and modems (DSLAM, CMTS,FTTH) and software (MITM)
  • Software Interception: Communication interception using intermediate proxies and “man in the middle” attacks

Reverse engineering, hardware hacking, and device analysis services provided by our IT Security team are applicable to a wide range of environments: ADSL routers, Cablemodems, TV decoders, FTA’s, Domotic Device at SmartCities, etc. If you need analyze your hardware device and system firmware security, go ahead and contact us.

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