Cyber Intelligence Services

Strategic Corporate Cyber Intelligence

Provide security to businesses with intelligence tactics, techniques and procedures, in order to make them more competitive.

Online Piracy & Fraud Investigation

Collection of evidence and proof to enable the recovery of assets, traceability of fraud and, if so decided, its prosecution.

Insider Threat Assesment

Detection of threats to the business and hostile actions against the organization involving, intentionally or unintentionally, both staff and any other personnel linked to its operations.

TableTop - Simulation Exercises

Design of critical scenarios to evaluate, train and improve the response of the organizations. Reinforcement of business continuity plans.

Digital Crisis Management

Assessment of the scope and traceability of digital incidents suffered by an organization. Corrective measures to reinforce its security.

Training & Awareness

Intelligence Units training. Design and implementation of Corporate Intelligence Plans. Communication procedures for critical personnel and the entire staff.


WEBINT - SOCINT (social media)

Ability to obtain, collect and analyze data obtained through the WEB and Social Media.

Mobile messaging

Tarlogic Security has developed several technologies to create intelligence through the study of mobile messaging.


Experienced professionals from the Spanish intelligence community.


Tarlogic Security has developed several technologies to create intelligence through the study of wireless signals.

Virtual HUMINT

In-house network of virtual avatars used to obtain information.


Intelligence methodology based on risk scenarios geared towards technological capacity.


As time passes by, intelligence is a discipline increasingly important in organizations and companies. Different information and news obtained about any company’s topic of interest, regardless the industry, could mean that a company could anticipate facts which may happen in the future having a direct impact on the business continuity.

Thanks to the application of the intelligence cycle, different phases and activities may be performed in order to achieve the intended purpose, that is: any company decision maker may be aware of every piece of news and information of special importance regarding company operations.

  • Direction: any company or organization information needs are established.

  • Collection: different data collection procedures are carried out relating to any data, news or information of interest, using all the available sources.

  • Processing: analysis and development of the information obtained are carried out.
  • Broadcasting: already developed information is delivered to company decision makers.

intelligence cycle
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