cybersecurity Glossary

What is SPAM?

Spam is unwanted communication a user receives through an electronic channel. Most of these messages are unwanted advertising, and although the most commonly used channel is email, it’s common to send spam via SMS or social networks.

Although it was in the 21st century that spam exploded, the first spam campaign took place on the Arpanet, the genesis of today’s Internet. As in our days, it was a company that wanted to use the email of some 400 users to promote its products. Unfortunately for them, the campaign was a disaster and abandoned for a while.

As previously mentioned, the most widespread use of spam is through email and for advertising purposes. Still, other practices are associated with this phenomenon, such as spamming in search engines, telephone spamming or those mentioned above through social networks and SMS. In many cases, botnets are behind these emails or junk messages to have an impact on a mass audience.