cybersecurity Glossary

What is MDR?

MDR stands for Managed detection and response. EDR/XDR technology is capable of independent threat detection and response. However, most of these require context and knowledge that an EDR/XDR does not have. In other words, the use of EDR/XDR technology without proper management can give a false sense of security.

EDR/XDR management services respond to this need to have the full potential of EDR/XDR in our organisation, being operated by expert threat analysts, who make use of these solutions to search for potential compromises in the telemetry that endpoints generate every minute, through Threat Hunting.

A good MDR service must always be continuously updating its knowledge of the adversaries and threats present today. That is why its analysts are constantly conducting research on the state of the art of cybersecurity to identify new Threat Hunting rules to help identify compromises in environments.