cybersecurity Glossary

What is Audit?

A security audit is a process that analyses the security level of a company or entity. The objective of this work is to detect vulnerabilities and security gaps in the systems of the audited organisation. Weaknesses that could be used by malicious third parties to obtain information, alter the operation of your systems or cause damage to the company.

A security audit can be internal or external, targeted or focussed on a specific solution: website security audits, app security audits, networks, etc. It can also have a forensic perspective, i.e. it is carried out after a cyberattack and it is not entirely clear what damage the company may have suffered. The benefits for companies when undergoing an analysis of this type are multiple: reinforcement of the company’s systems; detection of vulnerabilities, elimination of weak points, identification of possible fraudulent actions, permanent updating of systems and work tools, etc.