TableTop - Simulation Exercises

Decision making training in order to manage different scenarios

Simulation exercises generate scenarios that affect business continuity, and which must be resolved on various levels of the company. These must replicate plausible situations and be aligned with the real operations and risks of the company, and therefore its business.

We generate scenarios of hypotheses that affect business continuity, and that must be resolved by the different levels of decision of the company.

  • Scenarios based on real risks
  • Physical and digital risk simulations
  • Critical thinking and strategic advice

The exercises can be approached from a more theoretical level, known as tabletop, where the level of maturity to manage this type of incident is tested, or from a technical level, with full-scale simulations, where the technical detection and response mechanisms of the organization are also put to the test.

Tarlogic has designed simulations for companies in the defense, telecommunications or banking sectors.


Individualization of scenarios based on real risks

Ability to simulate physical and digital risks

Critical judgment and strategic advice from specialized personnel

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