Acrylic WiFi Professional

Analyze and solve incidents in 802.11/a/b/n/ac/ax wireless networks.
Analyze and solve incidents in 802.11/a/b/n/ac wireless networks.

Acrylic Wi-Fi Professional is the best Wi-Fi analyzer to identify access points and Wi-Fi channels, and identify and resolve incidences in 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi networks in real time.

It is a must-have program for advanced users, professionals in Wi-Fi networks and network administrators to get the most out of your wireless network, analyze your home or office Wi-Fi network performance, see who is connected, identify transmission speed, and optimize Wi-Fi network channels in order to obtain the best performance.

Obtain Wi-Fi network detailed information, including hidden Wi-Fi networks, and take advantage of unique functionalities such as monitor mode to capture and analyze all Wi-Fi network traffic, visualize devices, keep an inventory on Wi-Fi devices at reach, and perform Wi-Fi speed analysis.

With the Acrylic WiFi analyzer you will have automatic recommendations to improve and optimize your Wi-Fi network.


The download is free and you will get a fully functional trial version for 5 days.

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