Compliance Security Verification Automation

Compliance Security Verification Automation

Our team monitors and validates the strict implementation of the company's security policies

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automate security policy validation

Security Policies Objectives

This service provides the most up-to-date information on technical compliance within security policies, We monitor and validate that all members of the organization due diligently comply with cybersecurity guidelines which is a way to neutralize potential threats and vulnerabilities that may affect the company or entity.

Security Policies Benefits

  • It allows us to routinely verify the asset inventory and validate that the configuration of assets is consistent amongst them, confirming if there are exceptions on each system.
  • Facilities the implementation of security adjustments to systems, as usually hardening guides include a study on how to implement each measure and its impact.
  • Provides an evolution of the infrastructure security over time in which we can study.
  • Compliance checks have little to no impact on equipment performance.
security compliance verification


All IT systems in a company have different settings that can secure the information or put it at risk.

Some organizations such as CIS or DISA have developed hardening guides for the majority of systems to help define the best security practices. Security manufacturers develop tools in which they are integrated into these security recommendations for verification.

Tarlogic's Security team installs and configures the verification tools, identifying false positives and exceptions in collaboration with the customer, optimizing the organization’s security policies.

Once this service is in place, the customer will be able to obtain a snapshot of the security status of its infrastructure in order to continue to evolve in its continuous improvement process.